Denise Sterchi, LICSW

Psychotherapy, EMDR and Independent Adoption Social Work


I am a certified EMDR psychotherapist working with adults in Seattle, Washington.

My intention for my work is to create a space for conversations that are warm and collaborative, and that are respectful of your individual values, goals, and preferences.

I hope to create a safe space where we can laugh, cry and explore together. I am active and involved in our conversations, searching for questions that might help you come to new understandings of yourself, others, and your deepest purposes for life.

I am excited to announce a new project: This is Taking Longer Than I Expected: A Therapy Group for Moms Experiencing Postpartum Depression and Anxiety for more than six months. The group starts on Monday, October 10. See the flyer here!

 I am honored to join and assist you on your journey of:

  • healing from difficult childhood circumstances such as physical abuse, emotional abuse or neglect
  • recovering from traumatic experience or injury--including traumatic childbirth experiences--or from exposure to war or natural disaster
  • decreasing or eliminating depression, anxiety, PTSD or panic attacks
  • resolving the emotional difficulties of infertility
  • working through emotional difficulties during pregnancy and the postpartum period
  • exploring if adoption is right for you
  • moving through the loss, grief and identity issues faced by all members of the adoption triad: adults who were adopted, birth parents, and adoptive parents